Stlyin’ and Profilin’?….Not exactly…

I had this brilliant idea recently to get all daredevil-ish with my hair and dye the inside layers and bright, fire-engine red – fell in love with the idea and when that happens, oh boy, look out!  When I really, really want to do something, all my normal smarts go out the window right along with any shred of patience I might have and I suddenly convince myself that I HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT NOW!!!  So, on the way home from work, it didn’t surprise me when I suddenly veered out of the traffic heading home and set my Hollie GPS to Sally’s Beauty Supply….but it did slightly surprise James who was a great sport and helped me pick out some super red-looking supplies.  He also didn’t bat an eyelash when I told him he was going to be my colourist for the evening.  Of course, I thought you’d appreciate some self-pictures of the fabulous (haha!) hairdo that it took a hair tie and several thousand bobby pins to keep up so we could just dye the underneath…

We played a game of Monopoly while we waited and then for about two more hours after we washed all the dye out of my hair because it’s the longest game in the universe.  I lost.  But my hair looks great!

Hope you’re having a great weekend and that you’re getting a little bit of daredevilish-ness in there, too!

~ Hollie

DIY = Do It, Yo!

It is a perfect, gorgeous day for some DIY inspiration – I am itchin’ to make each and every one of these!!!  C’mon and get some projects going with me!


Anthropologie-Inspired Monogrammed Mugs, thanks to this fabulous chica:

Mini Gotye Duck Pendant (that’s right!  Just like the music video!), thanks to!/2012/07/mini-gotye-duck.html

Toadstool Stool – perfect for a gnome party!  Thanks to

 Free (and super charming!) Printable Vintage Paperdolls, thanks to

And finally – NEW OBSESSION ALERT!  This fantastically artsy lady is incredible and I’m wishing were bloggy bff’s – thanks to

~ Hollie

Training Wheel Trauma

Except for today – thank you, rain! – it has been so hot around here that it’s causing a sweat shortage because we’re all sweated-out already from days of climbing temperatures….don’t people come here to get away from 103 degrees in the morning?! Even though being outside last week felt like sitting in a fire and brimstone-filled sauna, The Redhead had just one thing on her mind and Momma couldn’t distract her from it – riding her new bike.  Sounds like fun right?  Of course!  Training wheels, shiny helmet, glittery streamers – this thing has got it all (The Redhead owes her Grandma Ellie and Grandpa Curt a LOTTA hugs for this one!).

Sophia showed off her well practiced skill set….getting on the bike.  And that’s where the confidence ended.  One lap down the street and back again ended with a still-enthusiastic Redhead, just as long as I had both hands either on the bike or on her – preferably both.  Too bad I couldn’t miraculously sprout and extra set of hands just for this event!  Another time down and back up the street and I saw the tension begin to mount and a strained look growing on her face….no problem! I thought – we’ll just ride down the block to the park and give her a little break.  Pretty happy Redhead!

Fifteen minutes was about how long these smiles lasted before she was ready to get back into some air conditioning.  I don’t know if my Mom-sense ran out that day or what, but the next five minutes biking home caused a colossal meltdown.  I, of course, tried to console her the best I could….but not before snapping a bunch of cute, crabby-faced pictures!

 Misery begins….

….and ends in a face full of tears!


Popsicles, anyone?

~ Hollie


So there are lots of ways to return to a blog that you kinda left in the lurch a teensy bit over a year ago with no real explanation…there’s the “over-explanation” method, where you list a litany of reasons why you feel guilty for not having kept up your end of the bargain for your readers; there’s the “pretend-ya-never-left”, like you somehow just time warped – no biggie!; and there’s the way I feel about it: the “AWESOME-I’M-SO-EXCITED-TO-BE-BLOGGING-AGAIN!” route, in which I’ll dive right back in with a fresh start! 

I was looking at my last post back in June of last year and realizing that SO much has changed in the past 12 months!  I stopped blogging to take care of some life shtuff that was still adventurous, just not super fun to blog about.  There have been some big changes in my personal life – one being that the Redhead and I – who is a giant four years old now! – have moved to a great lil apartment in a different suburb of Minneapolis that’s perfect for us and even better to have our own little adventures in!  I wasn’t very inspired to be cooky or crafty or bloggy during those changes so I took a break, but after getting back in the groove of things, I’m rarin’ to go and hope you’ll join in – it’s great to see you again!

Here Comes the Sun…

Can all of us in the Twin Cities agree that this “Summer” has been one of the most sun-less seasons ever?!  Believe me, I hate to complain when my alternative is frigid winter, but when the sun showed its face for the approximate 30 minutes that we had beautiful weather today, I frantically raced into action as if I might never see Summer again.

Out came the sun tea pitcher that I’ve kept close at hand, just in case we had enough rays to brew!

I love sun tea….no idea how it tastes so much better than kettle-tea, but but somehow those warm rays lend Lipton a little bit of magic.  Here is the finished sun tea next to the cute plant pot that The Redhead made.  Notice that there are no actual plants growing in the pot.  As I predicted, the poor things didn’t make it very long…

I raced around like a madwoman, frantically running back and forth around the living room trying to jam my shoes on, dragging the pitcher to the porch and excitedly hollering to the Redhead to “quick, get ready so we can take a walk while it’s nice out!”

We have some great paths right outside our door – some shoesie pics as we walked a trail:

What’s more fun than climbing on a giant rock?  Nothing!

And The Redhead’s favorite spot – the bridge with what she calls the “waterfall” which is, in reality, a creek with some rocks (but we’ll let the fantasy continue).

The sunshine was fantastic while it lasted – let’s hope we have lots more soon!

DIY Wall Art

The Redhead tonight: “What are you doing, Momma?”

Me: “Just hanging forks on the wall!”

…wait a minute…I’m sure I remember being told NOT to do that as a kid!  And here I am, doing it on purpose!  At least this time it didn’t involve a food fight or getting out of washing dishes.  DIY art for my dining room was the adventure for today!

I have a small-ish two bedroom apartment, but somehow my walls are always blank – you’d think I’d be able to fill a few walls with stylish stuff, but either the “stuff” I want to put on my walls surpasses my budget or I am just unable find what I’m looking for.  So I decided to make some of my own, on the cheap – and I’m pretty excited at how it came out!

I nabbed a set of forks and knives – four of each – from the thrift store for around $1 per set the last time I was there and then picked up a couple of $3.00 picture frames at Wal-Mart.  I really have something against perfection and eat up (pardon the pun!) the interesting mismatch going on with the forks.

Then it was time to lay the newspaper down on the dining room table and let the white spray paint fly!

After they were dry, I used the absolute easiest method of hanging them on my wall and was thrilled that it worked!  I picked up some Scotch “Permanent Mounting” tape, which is not technically permanent, and comes in a long roll of thin adhesive foam.  I need to make the statement that I am in no way affiliated with 3M and I don’t receive any kind of compensation by mentioning their products – I just REALLY liked this stuff!  The best part about using this kind of adhesive – besides that it will come off of the wall without taking paint with it – is that you can easily cut the strip into whatever shape you need which was absolutely perfect when I was attaching it to my oddly-shaped utensils.

I measured and marked two inches between each knife and fork and just stuck them to the walls!  Afterward, I decided to give the Permanent Mounting a go with the frames and mounted them on the wall in the same way.  Time will tell if the mounting will work long-term, so I’ll update this post later on to let you know how it holds up through the hot days of summer.

I am really liking the result!  It’s a really simple look, but just a bit unexpected.  I saw some similar pieces at a well-known boutique about town with a price tag of $70 a piece, so I was excited that I could recreate it for a fraction of that …and it’s always more fun to make it yourself, especially when it is this easy to accomplish!  My new art, from a seat at my dining room table:

Tutorial: Personalized Burp Cloths


I saw some really cute and slightly cheeky burp clothes at a local boutique and thought, “I’m pretty sure I could do that myself for the babies I know!”  And come to find out, it was a really easy and fun project, so here goes the tutorial:

What you’ll need:

Burp Clothes or Cloth Diapers

Approximately ¼ yard of fabric per Burp Cloth


Wonder Under or another fusible adhesive

Sewing Machine


I found these cute cotton fabrics in the quilting section of my fabric store and had ¼ of a yard cut of each.  I ended up with additional material left over – you could probably easily skimp down to 1/8 of a yard and be just fine.  My only criteria for material was that I wanted a basic cotton with patterns that were small enough to show up well when I cut letters out – you wouldn’t necessarily want to choose a fabric with a large floral pattern, for instance, because when you cut smallish letters out, you’d only be able to see parts of the pattern (unless this is what you are going for and then, by all means, buy that enormous floral!)

Next comes the best part!  Choose your word(s) that you’ll be sewing onto the cloths (or name or monogram – whatever you’d like) and the font that you prefer.  A lot of people have special cutting tools like the Cricut that come with programs to cut in all kinds of unique lettering and shapes, but I don’t so I just used my old, faithful friend, Microsoft Word.  I typed the word “burp” and chose a font that I liked (I used a couple of different fonts, but really liked “Blue Highway” because the lines were thick and the lettering was wide), then I enlarged the letters to approximately a 600 point font.  You’ll just want to gauge how big you’d like your letters.  Then print them out, cut out the letters and you have yourself a set of letter patterns!


Now, the next couple of steps could probably have been simplified had I thought them through a little bit better to begin with, so I’ll show you what I did and then how I could have saved myself some time.  I used the letter patterns to draw lettering onto my fusible adhesive.

Then I roughly cut out the adhesive and placed them where I wanted them on my pieces of fabric to iron them on.  Then I cut the letters out of the fabric. 

If I had ironed the fusible adhesive onto the fabric to start with and then used the letter patterns, I could have saved myself some cutting time, so feel free to learn from my lack of forethought!

Don’t forget to cut any holes out of letters that have holes! Here’s an easy way:

Pinch the letter together with the middle of the….not sure what to call it…”future-hole” (sure, that works) at the edge, then cut once towards the edge of the future-hole.  Snip from the center to the edges in wedges like pie and then take small snippets of center out – it’ll be a lot cleaner and there’s less chance of accidentally cutting your finger off trying to finagle the scissors around such a tiny space because scissors don’t like that.


Next step – iron your letters onto your burp clothes or cloth diapers and then zig-zag around the edges with your sewing machine.

These came out really cute and there are tons of possibilities with what you can write, so have fun and make some special burp clothes for that baby in your life today.