I saw some really cute and slightly cheeky burp clothes at a local boutique and thought, “I’m pretty sure I could do that myself for the babies I know!”  And come to find out, it was a really easy and fun project, so here goes the tutorial:

What you’ll need:

Burp Clothes or Cloth Diapers

Approximately ¼ yard of fabric per Burp Cloth


Wonder Under or another fusible adhesive

Sewing Machine


I found these cute cotton fabrics in the quilting section of my fabric store and had ¼ of a yard cut of each.  I ended up with additional material left over – you could probably easily skimp down to 1/8 of a yard and be just fine.  My only criteria for material was that I wanted a basic cotton with patterns that were small enough to show up well when I cut letters out – you wouldn’t necessarily want to choose a fabric with a large floral pattern, for instance, because when you cut smallish letters out, you’d only be able to see parts of the pattern (unless this is what you are going for and then, by all means, buy that enormous floral!)

Next comes the best part!  Choose your word(s) that you’ll be sewing onto the cloths (or name or monogram – whatever you’d like) and the font that you prefer.  A lot of people have special cutting tools like the Cricut that come with programs to cut in all kinds of unique lettering and shapes, but I don’t so I just used my old, faithful friend, Microsoft Word.  I typed the word “burp” and chose a font that I liked (I used a couple of different fonts, but really liked “Blue Highway” because the lines were thick and the lettering was wide), then I enlarged the letters to approximately a 600 point font.  You’ll just want to gauge how big you’d like your letters.  Then print them out, cut out the letters and you have yourself a set of letter patterns!


Now, the next couple of steps could probably have been simplified had I thought them through a little bit better to begin with, so I’ll show you what I did and then how I could have saved myself some time.  I used the letter patterns to draw lettering onto my fusible adhesive.

Then I roughly cut out the adhesive and placed them where I wanted them on my pieces of fabric to iron them on.  Then I cut the letters out of the fabric. 

If I had ironed the fusible adhesive onto the fabric to start with and then used the letter patterns, I could have saved myself some cutting time, so feel free to learn from my lack of forethought!

Don’t forget to cut any holes out of letters that have holes! Here’s an easy way:

Pinch the letter together with the middle of the….not sure what to call it…”future-hole” (sure, that works) at the edge, then cut once towards the edge of the future-hole.  Snip from the center to the edges in wedges like pie and then take small snippets of center out – it’ll be a lot cleaner and there’s less chance of accidentally cutting your finger off trying to finagle the scissors around such a tiny space because scissors don’t like that.


Next step – iron your letters onto your burp clothes or cloth diapers and then zig-zag around the edges with your sewing machine.

These came out really cute and there are tons of possibilities with what you can write, so have fun and make some special burp clothes for that baby in your life today.