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I really wish that I had a green thumb!  I don’t.  I don’t know what the opposite of having a green thumb is, but my thumb is that color.  I wish that I could keep a plant – any plant – alive, but it never seems to work out for me; however, when The Redhead gave me a hand-painted (by her!) flower-pot, I felt like with her help, we might be able to successfully grow our own little flowers.

This is her getting frustrated that I wanted to take pictures of her present instead of getting down to business and planting something in it – you can see her face getting more and more miserable with every shot (geez, Momma!).

I love that even simple things like planting seeds feels like a new and exciting adventure to a three year old…she loved the idea that she was going to get to plant something in “mud”.

Now, the best part – getting our hands dirty!

A little water (hopefully, we’ll remember to do this on a daily basis so the plant will actually grow).

Dirt, sun, water and a great paint job – if I were a plant, this would be the life for me!


Today is grey and rainy, but it’s nothing but Spring here on my couch as I look forward to the epitome of celebrating life and beauty – Easter!  It’s got to be one of my very favorite holidays – the vibrant colors, the promise of flowers and sunshine and – let’s be honest – baskets of candy.

As I am doing my Easter-treat planning, I came across these super easy, absolutely adorable and free printable decoration for an easy dessert here and had to share!

Courtesy of Holiday Crafts and Creations

 I can’t wait to use these in a couple of weeks and thought they could double – sans lollipop sticks – as gift tags or even a cute napkin ring with a colorful ribbon threaded through holes punched in the cardstock.

I hope that you are enjoying the Spring transformation outside of your window and that we’ll soon see blooming flowers – until then, we can make our own!