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Except for today – thank you, rain! – it has been so hot around here that it’s causing a sweat shortage because we’re all sweated-out already from days of climbing temperatures….don’t people come here to get away from 103 degrees in the morning?! Even though being outside last week felt like sitting in a fire and brimstone-filled sauna, The Redhead had just one thing on her mind and Momma couldn’t distract her from it – riding her new bike.  Sounds like fun right?  Of course!  Training wheels, shiny helmet, glittery streamers – this thing has got it all (The Redhead owes her Grandma Ellie and Grandpa Curt a LOTTA hugs for this one!).

Sophia showed off her well practiced skill set….getting on the bike.  And that’s where the confidence ended.  One lap down the street and back again ended with a still-enthusiastic Redhead, just as long as I had both hands either on the bike or on her – preferably both.  Too bad I couldn’t miraculously sprout and extra set of hands just for this event!  Another time down and back up the street and I saw the tension begin to mount and a strained look growing on her face….no problem! I thought – we’ll just ride down the block to the park and give her a little break.  Pretty happy Redhead!

Fifteen minutes was about how long these smiles lasted before she was ready to get back into some air conditioning.  I don’t know if my Mom-sense ran out that day or what, but the next five minutes biking home caused a colossal meltdown.  I, of course, tried to console her the best I could….but not before snapping a bunch of cute, crabby-faced pictures!

 Misery begins….

….and ends in a face full of tears!


Popsicles, anyone?

~ Hollie