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I love, love, LOVE a good foodie event and I love it even more when it’s a free, educational one!  And if there’s anything I can always use more help with, it’s wine pairing…I usually just head to the Byerly’s down the street, find the first person who looks like they belong in the wine shop and make them choose a bottle for me.  So I’m excited to be going to see a wine pairing and cooking demo by Chef and Master Sommelier, Andrea Robinson tomorrow night at Macy’s in Edina at 6 pm. 

What?!  Cooking in the middle of Macy’s, you say?  Absolutely!  I’ve been to a couple of Macy’s foodie events in the past and they were really fun (and you can do a bit of shopping after, if you want!) – so go here to find out more info and join me!

I don’t know what it is about chowing down on never-ending varieties of food among hordes of locals on a sunny day, but add in some good live music and you have one awesome, delicious day!  It’s time for one of the events that make summers so much fun here in the Twin Cities: Taste of Minnesota, out at Harriet Island. 


I’ve scoped out the list of folks who will be tempting us with festival specialties and I’m already imagining the tasty treats they might be offering.   Of course, I have my standard classics that I have on the agenda – Famous Dave’s basic barbecue somehow is even better outdoors, the Cheese Curd Factory (I can’t pass up cheese curds!), Bridgeman’s for a little cold ice cream treat and a bit of Carrie’s Popcorn to go.  

Photo/Elizabeth Baier

But when I looked down the list of Festival Food, I got excited about some vendors that haven’t tried at Taste of Minnesota before!  I’ve got fingers and toes crossed for mini Juicy Lucy’s from 5-8 Grill, something a little adventurous and earthy from Safari Kenya, maybe some additional meat consumption from Bennett’s Chop and Railhouse and who could pass up anything from Minneapple Pie?!?! 

Oh, I’ve gotten so distracted daydreaming about greasy, saucy, crunchy and sweet things that I have almost failed to mention an action-packed lineup of live music and a pretty thrilling fireworks display if you hang out past dark!   

Whether or not you make it out to the Taste of the Twin Cities, I hope that whatever you do this weekend to celebrate the 4th of July Holiday and the summer is fun and relaxing!  

Photo/Sherri LaRose

  – tcfoodie