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I love, love, LOVE a good foodie event and I love it even more when it’s a free, educational one!  And if there’s anything I can always use more help with, it’s wine pairing…I usually just head to the Byerly’s down the street, find the first person who looks like they belong in the wine shop and make them choose a bottle for me.  So I’m excited to be going to see a wine pairing and cooking demo by Chef and Master Sommelier, Andrea Robinson tomorrow night at Macy’s in Edina at 6 pm. 

What?!  Cooking in the middle of Macy’s, you say?  Absolutely!  I’ve been to a couple of Macy’s foodie events in the past and they were really fun (and you can do a bit of shopping after, if you want!) – so go here to find out more info and join me!