So there are lots of ways to return to a blog that you kinda left in the lurch a teensy bit over a year ago with no real explanation…there’s the “over-explanation” method, where you list a litany of reasons why you feel guilty for not having kept up your end of the bargain for your readers; there’s the “pretend-ya-never-left”, like you somehow just time warped – no biggie!; and there’s the way I feel about it: the “AWESOME-I’M-SO-EXCITED-TO-BE-BLOGGING-AGAIN!” route, in which I’ll dive right back in with a fresh start! 

I was looking at my last post back in June of last year and realizing that SO much has changed in the past 12 months!  I stopped blogging to take care of some life shtuff that was still adventurous, just not super fun to blog about.  There have been some big changes in my personal life – one being that the Redhead and I – who is a giant four years old now! – have moved to a great lil apartment in a different suburb of Minneapolis that’s perfect for us and even better to have our own little adventures in!  I wasn’t very inspired to be cooky or crafty or bloggy during those changes so I took a break, but after getting back in the groove of things, I’m rarin’ to go and hope you’ll join in – it’s great to see you again!