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– tcfoodie


JJ’s Coffee Company & Wine Bar 

Eden Prairie, MN 

I’m going to be in huge trouble when I get home!!!  

I told my husband that I would just be making a short trip out for my weekly Coffee Shop Sunday segment and then run a couple of errands and  instead, I’ve been relaxing in this comfortable booth, enjoying baked goods and delicious coffee for a little over two hours now! 

But I swear it’s not my fault!  I blame JJ’s Coffee Company & Wine Bar  for having the most inviting, comfortable seating and friendliest staff  in the Twin Cities.   The oversized leather chairs gathered around the fireplace give you no choice but to get comfortable and stay a while…I’m pretty sure this place is equipped with some sort of time warp – and I love it! 


JJ’s moved into Eden Prairie in August of last year and is locally owned by a husband and wife team whose passion for their business shows in the lovely details of their shop, and who keep it local by choosing to serve coffee made from specialty beans roasted right here in Minnesota.  

 I am delighted to say that this Coffee Shop Sunday features a two-in-one bonus: a coffee shop and wine bar in one!  I can’t live without good coffee and I adore good wine every bit as much, so this is an exciting find for me…I have to say that I kept to the coffee for this visit, but am going to have to make up for my absence today by scheduling a date night with the husband soon! 

JJ's Coffee Company & Wine Bar

 With JJ’s modern and upscale yet relaxed look, I can completely imagine it easily transforming from the sunny, casual coffee shop atmosphere that I’m experiencing this afternoon to a perfect evening spot for sampling wine and appetizers while having good conversation with friends either at the bar or in one of the intimately lit, recessed booths. 


Here’s my spread: Cafe MJ and a warm Cinnamon Scone 


 First, let’s talk coffee – JJ’s coffee is something to come back for, all by itself.  My Cafe MJ is a perfectly indulgent combination of espresso, blend of chocolates and cream with a homemade whipped cream topping.  It’s a good thing that JJ’s has a drive-through – I may find the need to stop by for another one of these tomorrow on my way to work! 


I’m here too late for breakfast, but JJ’s serves scones, cookies, bars and muffins – the cinnamon scone and chocolate banana muffin came highly recommended – as well as made to order sandwiches.  This cinnamon scone, drizzled with vanilla icing is warm and absolutely delish.  It makes me want to plan on making a morning visit to try one of their hot breakfast items.    

Alright – I hate to, but I’ve got to force myself out of this booth and to the grocery store to finish my errands, but I’ll be back soon for coffee or wine or live music – I hope you’ll join me and make the time to try out JJ’s Coffee Company & Wine Bar! 



Welcome to the first edition of Coffee Shop Sunday!  

Yum! Kitchen and Bakery 

 St. Louis Park 

Ever since driving by it in February, Yum!  Kitchen and Bakery has been beckoning me – its enormous, bright red whimsical sign promising something delightful and outdoor seating (although frost-covered at the time) that made me look forward to warmer weather.  It’s been stuck in my head for months and that’s how it became the first to be featured in Coffee Shop Sunday.  

Honestly, could you resist popping into this place?! 


Curb-appeal aside, the bright, airy vibe that the floor-to-ceiling windows and the open seating area give when you walk in is as cheerful and vibrant as the cupcakes in the display.   


 I lost myself in the choice of what to try: multi-layered, coconut sprinkled cake?  delicately iced scone?  enormous chocolatey cookie?  I gave up and asked the barista to recommend the one thing I must try at Yum!, and, without hesitation, he pulled out a piece of fudgy, buttercreamed, three-layer goodness: Patti Cake.  

Here’s my spread: Patti Cake, Vanilla Cafe’ Latte, Red Velvet Cake Cupcake, to go (couldn’t go home empty handed!)  


 Sometimes, either in a coffee shop or bakery, one thing or the other suffers – either the coffee is really good and the baked goods are mediocre or the bakery items are out of this world and the coffee tastes like it was made last week.  Well, not at Yum!.  I’m not sure what kind of coffee they use, but it was remarkably delicious and tasted thoughtfully prepared – the flavoring was just right, the temperature was spot on and for a coffee devotee like me, it was perfect. 

And then there was the CAKE!  Thank you, barista, who recommended this cake – I have craved it ever since!  

 The chocolate layers were dense and moist – more like a torte than traditional cake – fudgy and rich.  The buttercream icing was such a great, traditional pairing and had a true buttery, creamy taste….yum!!!  This would be a great piece of cake to split – you can see how far I got by myself! 

  Honestly, I visited Yum! Kitchen and Bakery thinking it was just Yum! Bakery, so I went prepared to get some coffee and something sweet…  

  …but I was excited to find that they have a full, open kitchen with breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees, a wine and beer selection and freshly baked bread.  Just another reason to go back!


I think that the one word that sums this cafe’ up the best would have to be:


– tcfoodie 


I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest pleasures in life is a simple one – a morning with nowhere to be, a perfect cup of coffee and a magazine…okay, and maybe something tasty to go along with it, too.  So it’s partially out of my own personal interest that I’m excited to start a new segment:

Luckily, we’re blessed in the Twin Cities to have loads of wonderful and unique spots where coffee and more can be found and I’ll bring you my experience at a new shop every Sunday so that you can check them out if they sound like the perfect place to spend your Sunday morning – get ready for some caffeinated blogging!