I had this brilliant idea recently to get all daredevil-ish with my hair and dye the inside layers and bright, fire-engine red – fell in love with the idea and when that happens, oh boy, look out!  When I really, really want to do something, all my normal smarts go out the window right along with any shred of patience I might have and I suddenly convince myself that I HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT NOW!!!  So, on the way home from work, it didn’t surprise me when I suddenly veered out of the traffic heading home and set my Hollie GPS to Sally’s Beauty Supply….but it did slightly surprise James who was a great sport and helped me pick out some super red-looking supplies.  He also didn’t bat an eyelash when I told him he was going to be my colourist for the evening.  Of course, I thought you’d appreciate some self-pictures of the fabulous (haha!) hairdo that it took a hair tie and several thousand bobby pins to keep up so we could just dye the underneath…

We played a game of Monopoly while we waited and then for about two more hours after we washed all the dye out of my hair because it’s the longest game in the universe.  I lost.  But my hair looks great!

Hope you’re having a great weekend and that you’re getting a little bit of daredevilish-ness in there, too!

~ Hollie