I think I’ve mentioned how excited I am that Spring is finally here – it is definitely my favorite season and it’s taken FOREVER for it to come to Minnesota, so I’m really grateful!  Along with Spring comes all kinds of fun stuff, like tree buds and green grass and Easter….and with Easter comes not-so-fun stuff like rouge strands of Easter basket “grass” that gets stuck in my vacuum and hoards of left over plastic eggs. 

The Redhead has approximately fourteen million of these plastic eggs strewn around the house, emptied of their sugary contents.  I threw away most of them but then a miracle happened and I saw this post  at Creativity in Progress: Brilliant!

I immediately heated up the hot glue gun and with a button, some beads, a sharpie and some random bits from my crafty left-overs, The Redhead had an absolutely adorable – and even personalized(!) – new little tea set!

She helped pick out some of the decorations – she especially liked the gold stars on her orange tea cup and then she played with them for an hour – they’ve quickly become one of her favorite play things!  She especially likes filling them up with Momma’s beads and serving them to us as “special drinks”.

 What a great way to re-use and repurpose junk I would have just tossed in the garbage can three months from now when I was sick of seeing them all over the house!  I’m tempted to use the other three million plastic eggs to make sets for all the little girls I know….