I have been in an enormous funk this week.   The weather’s been grey and rainy then snowy then rainy again (snow, even though it’s almost May!), my house is a wreck and I have been a little stressed out.  All of this mushed together equals one impatient, crabby and snarky Hollie…and she  probably isn’t much fun to be around.  It was going to take something major to reverse my bad attitude.  Who knew that something so small as what happened this morning in the Starbucks drive-through would work the wonders that I needed?!

As the Starbucks drive-through lady who has practically become my early-morning BFF handed me my grande’ skinny iced vanilla latte’ (I’m always shocked I can even remember my rediculous coffee order that early and withough actually having had my coffee) and snack I ordered for breakfast, she smiled and told me that my order had been bought for me by the woman in front of me in line!  I kind of couldn’t believe it!  Such an anonymous and random act of goodwill that couldn’t even be given the proper thanks.  I realize that it wasn’t like I had won millions in the Powerball jackpot, but it felt like I had as my outlook on my entire day did an immediate 180 degree turn – and honestly, it made me  reflect on my relationships with others….my family, co-workers and even the folks out there that I come into contact with but won’t ever know.

As I took a turn and paid it forward for the next car, I realized that I wouldn’t have organically thought to do that on my own, without the help of my incognito friend in line and that made me sad about myself.  And then it really inspired me to think of small ways to put good out there during my day for others and how there are a million opportunities if we just recognize and act on them.

So, a big THANK YOU! to the lady in front of me this morning – I hope that someone helped make your day as great as you made mine!