**Oops!  Somehow, I was fiddling around this morning and accidentally deleted this post, along with the comments made on it, so here it is, again – apologies to those who had so kindly commented!**

I had this series of thoughts yesterday:
My Mind: “Hollie, what kind of candy bar thrills your heart and causes an immediate, involuntary pig-out reaction? 
Me: “Twix.” 
My Mind: “And what’s your favorite form of food?”
Me: “Cupcake.”
My Mind: “Then what might be a really good thing to try?”
Me: “Shoe shopping?”
My Mind: “No, idiot!  Twix Cupcakes.  TWIX CUPCAKES!”
Me: “Awesome!”
Going from chocolate, caramel and cookie crunch to a paper-lined, cakey deconstruction seemed easy. 
Easy, but not successful. 
This is my story & pictorial of cupcake failure:
I took this picture imaging a lovely post about a brilliant-tasting mini-cupcake….not realizing that I was heading toward a mini-demise.
First of all, don’t blame the failure on the box-cake mix. 
Even though at times I might join in with my foodie-snob peers in saying that home-made is better, there’s definitely something to be said for
the two C’s of last-minute baking: Consistency and Convenience.
Betty Crocker helps me out with both.
My great idea was to make a super chocolaty cupcake, dip the tops in melted caramel and scatter some shortbread shards (to mimic the taste of the cookie base of a Twix bar) on top.
I haven’t ever made, worked with or really used caramels for anything and apparently, just melting a ton with some butter looks like it’s gonna work as a glaze, but in reality it goes on really pretty and then *poof!* hardens into a chewy, super sticky (shocker!) and gummy film instead of the soft, yummy stuff I imagined.
I tried a couple of things recommended by the Internet to loosen the sauce up (add butter, add water, add milk), all of which did not work.
At least The Redhead had lots of fun helping out by taking off all the wrappers!
These look pretty and honestly didn’t taste bad, once you got all the caramel out of your teeth! 
The worst part was that I wrapped up a ton of them to unload on my co-workers this morning and I realized too late that most of the caramel topping had slid off the tops and puddled up all in the cake wrappers and on the plate somehow, which made for some messy eating.  I was told that they tasted good, even if they looked tragic! 
So that’s the story of the Twix cupcake Tablecloth mis-Adventure.
I’m on a quest now – like a baking knight – to figure out how to make a good version, come hell or high water or taste-testing induced diabetes…it’s a hard life!