There’s a great Godfather quote for every occassion!  Even returning to long, lost blogs.  I missed this blog so much, but haven’t been able to find extra hours in the day between an unusually heavy workload, family and being in school, but in the meantime I kept the camera clicking in hopes that life would slow down enough for me to return to what I really enjoy doing here. 

I can’t believe that fall and winter have (almost) gone  since my last post when the weather was sunny and warm and I didn’t have to pile on the layers to protect from Midwestern frostbite!  Here’s my picture montage to fill you in on a few fun things that have happened in the past few months:

Even more recently, our family’s lives have changed as my husband became out of work rather suddenly.  Somehow, what could have felt disasterous has turned out to be the catalyst for a personal reboot of sorts – it’s really inspired me to simplify our lives in a lot of ways and get back to appreciating things we love – for me, that means spending less money, enjoying the challenge of being frugal without being boring, hand-making more things (I love trying to be crafty!) and it’s inspired me to make more time to post about our adventures.

This site might be going through a few changes over the next week as I get back to working on it, and I’m thinking about diversifying the content a bit…we’ll see where it goes from here!