The end of summer never seems so imminent as after the close of the Minnesota State Fair.  It’s one event that I never seem to get tired of anticipating!  I always try to make it out a couple of times – once with The Redhead and once without…sometimes, it’s just nice to stroll around the fair without a stroller to maneuver.  This year, we had a lot of fun checking out the fair shoulder to shoulder with what seemed like every other person in the Cities – here’s my photo montage, kicked off by…


Don’t I look impressed?!?!



It gets a little unrealistic to try to pack in seeing every exhibit there is to see at the fair and I seem to get lost every single time…even though I stock up on maps and all of the exhibits/food vendors/sights are in the same areas year after year.  I probably spend 1/3 of my time blocking traffic in the middle of the street with a huge unfolded map and a crazed and confused expression on my face.  Another 1/3 of my time is spent spraying down with 100 SPF sunscreen (I may be a little neurotic about getting sunburned!).  My last 1/3 of time is spent checking out these:



Apparently, even bees are shown at the fair!  Impressive…just as long as they don’t get loose…


The only thing that The Redhead really cares about is getting her hands on delicious mini-doughnuts – can you blame her?!


We checked out the baby animals, a sheep-judgeing show (learned a lot more about sheep than I had anticipated…), and got “oinker” temporary tatoos at the Fair’s Biggest Pig booth.  Last, but not least, I MUST always make my way to the Dairy Barn to get delicious, fresh milkshakes and, of course, check out State Fair Royalty – Princess Kay of the Milky Way and her Maids, each one carved out of pure butter right in front of your eyes.  Wow, that’s a lot of butter!


Unfortunately, I lost all of the picture evidence of all of the greasy, sugary, terribly delicious fair food that we sampled 😦  I can tell you that fried green tomatoes, Sweet Martha’s famous chocolate chip cookies and several different varieties of cheese topped the list.  It’s a good thing that they fair comes around only once a year – I don’t know that I’d ever leave the fairgrounds if it stuck around all year.  Fried cheese curds, alone, would do the trick.

I suppose this does mark the end of summer and time to think about getting the sweaters out of the closet.  I’m deciding to live in season-denial for a few weeks longer.  Or maybe I should just start looking forward to next year’s State Fair!

– tcfoodie