The weather was lovely on Sunday afternoon and since The Redhead and the Husband were taking a nap, I thought I’d take myself on down to Hopkins to check out the annual Raspberry Festival!

This year’s Hopkins Raspberry Festival, running from July 10th through the 18th, is long enough for everyone to get in on their favorite events and it looks like the Festival calendar has a little something special going on every day.  Last Sunday was Hopkins Art Fair day with local artists displaying photography, paintings, sculpture, crafts and beading; I also made it right in time to catch the last couple of laps and the finale of the Flat City Bike Race.

As far as food goes, I don’t know if I went on a no-raspberry day of the fair or what, but – Spoiler Alert! – there weren’t any raspberries at the Raspberry Festival!  My slight disappointment immediately dissolved at the sight of some favorite standard fair food that I had to check out (who could be in a bad mood around cotton candy and cheese curds?!).

Look at this delicious lemonade (with cute straws)!  Some of the best lemonade ever…you can’t see it in this picture, but they had boxes and boxes of lemon halves that they had freshly squeezed.  Nothin’ says summer to me like this:

Of course, I had to grab a good ‘ole corn dog to go along with the lemonade and headed to the park where the local Arts Council had a lineup of local bands playing in the small amphitheater.


What a lovely way to enjoy a summer afternoon!  If you’re looking for something laid back (and not necessarily raspberries) to do with your afternoon this weekend, drop by the Hopkins Raspberry Festival on Main street, grab some street food and enjoy the sunshine!


– tcfoodie