Top 5: Useless Kitchen Utensils#5. The Flat Fold Colander – I guess I can kind of see the draw for this one because, living in an apartment with a limited supply of cabinet space, I’m always looking for a space saver, too, but is a file folder version really necessary?  Will Steve Jobs come out with an even thinner, lighter version that has more space?  The I-Colander, perhaps?  If it played music and I could take pictures with it, I might reconsider my overwhelming disapproval.

Top 5 Random Kitchen Utensils

 #4. The Onion Holder – I can’t say I even know how this thing works…probably because I just use my hands to hold things.

Top 5 Random Kitchen Utensils#3. The Honey Dipper – I own one of these and STILL can’t get it to work right.  So you’re supposed to somehow keep this dipper constantly spinning to keep the honey on it….unless you are a professional baton twirler, I suggest a spoon!

Top 5 Random Kitchen Utensils

#2. The Strawberry Huller – I have seen some pretty impressive versions of this little tool, all decked out in stainless steel with finger grips, two-sided blades and one that was all rigged up with a  suction cup (to attach it to the counter?   to ensure you don’t drop the strawberry stem?  to double as a dart?).  All I know is that God didn’t make some crazy-strong breed of strawberry stems to make eager strawberry-eaters angry….the stem PULLS off….with your fingers.

And the most random kitchen utensil I’ve ever seen is:

#1. The Taco Stand – Because laying a taco down on your plate is just irresponsible.